Family Learning w.b.20.9.21

Current focus: This month we are focusing on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This week we have the following home learning activities on the site;

  • Right of the Week In classes we have been considering Pupil Voice as our citizenship groups started on Friday last week.  Our Rights of the Week – Articles 12 (respect for the views of the child) and 13 (freedom of expression) relate to this and our Wonder of the Week ‘Why is it important for you to have a voice in school?’ Could the children explain which rights their citizenship group helps uphold and what they hope to support improving in the school or community? There are lots of activities in the powerpoint too. It would be great to see your pictures of your teacher with all your ideas about how they can respect your right to be heard around them. Send to Mrs Laird – There’s also a lovely story to listen to.
  • Picture News poster this week links with recent events around Hurricane Ida with some super discussion points.

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