Parent/Carer Meetings

Thank you to all who came to our parent meetings. It was great to be able to update you on how well your child has settled this session and their targets as we progress forward.

Each term we hope to have some form of parent meeting alongside sending home children’s learning profiles. The profiles detail the children’s personal target setting and learning achievements and provide a way of you seeing and being involved in your child’s learning.

Next term we hope to have an open afternoon for parents to come in and see some of the work in progress (this will of course be Covid dependent.) However, the class blogs also share some of the work taking place weekly.

In March, we will then have further parent meetings. We hope these will be able to take place in person with engagement sessions in the school hall at the same time.

Finally, in term 4, we hope to have a curricular workshop for parents where children and staff demonstrate learning approaches in a curricular area. The specific area will be determined alongside our parent council and the children. You will also receive an end of year report.

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